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Recycled Paper
Recycled Paper

A little about me.  I live on a 40 acre farm with Harry my life partner,

Bear the red heeler, cows and my favorites "The Girls" (chickens) and "Pretty Girl" my cat.

I have two grown children with two grandkids hence the name of my business LHCreations.  I have been a crafter all of my life and I love to bring your vision to reality. That makes it easy to express what is on your mind, and my selection of stunning sublimation items can help do the trick.  Each design is handcrafted to perfection.  

Whether you are purchasing for yourself or a special someone, you’re sure to find what your heart desires at LH Creations.


I, LeAnn Clark (LHCreations), hold the copyright to all jewelry designs featured on this website. Any unauthorized use of these designs is a violation of copyright law and will be subject to legal action. All jewelry designs are protected by international copyright law and any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited. It is not permitted to use images from this website, or any other part of the website, to create new jewelry designs. If you wish to use any of the designs for commercial purposes, please contact me for the necessary information and I will point you in the direction of the images and blanks.  All blanks were purchased from My Sublimation Superstore and their most images were purchased through their sister store GG Sublimation and designs were purchased through the approved designer list.

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